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**The Deadline for applications has now passed. If you would like to be considered for our wait list, please proceed with the application below.**

The Sudbury Art Association holiday market Pop-up is:

A truly unique event for artists to sell their work. IF we are able to find available retail space, our artists throw together the most wonderful and festive pop-up shop for the holiday season. HM runs from November through December 24 with each artist working a number of shifts to keep the store running. This juried event has been happening yearly this since 2012 thanks to the generosity of Sudbury retail owners willing to provide us with a location. Since we never know if we’ll find space, we’re never sure if it’ll happen or when available space will be open for us to use. With that in mind, artists need to be flexible, ready to setup at a moments notice, and agree to follow rules set forth by the landlord.

If you are a member and interested in participating, please read the following guidelines:

  1. You must be an SAA member (membership does not guarantee acceptance)

  2. All work must be handmade by the artist. Resale is not permitted

  3. Prior participation does not guarantee entry

  4. This is a cooperative event and the SAA does not take a commission on the sales of the Holiday Market. Artists are expected to run the market for a required number of 4 hour-shifts (past years have been 4-6 shifts/artist). Artists are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to their shift.

  5. Artists are expected to volunteer for various duties to help HM run smoothly (jobs may include setup, taken down, decorations, marketing….) If an artist does not volunteer, a duty will be assigned to you.

  6. All artists must understand that we are dependent on the space we find. We may not have control over the length of time the space is available to us, any added costs associated with that space, or the size of the space. These factors may affect how many artists can participate as well as the cost of participating.

  7. Artists are expected to setup their displays during the designated setup time, keep their space stocked and neat throughout HM, and to remove all belongings and debris during the breakdown time. If an artist is participating in other shows during this time, the artist’s HM space must remain stocked.

  8. All artists must provide 5 current photos of their work including a display or mock display of your setup. These photos will be used for advertising and promotion of HM.

  9. All artists are expected to help advertise and spread the word about the event - and not just about the artist’s own work, but sharing the work of fellow SAA artists. (We will have postcards, yard signs, social media postings to distribute) Providing video is a plus!

  10. Artists must agree to attend 1 training class to learn the check out process, multiple sessions are offered.

  11. Communication is a MUST for this to run smoothly! Artists must agree to check and respond to emails in a timely manner (within 24 hours)

  12. The night before we open, artists must attend a “pizza party”/reception to finish last minute touches, meet other artists, and to learn about their work. The more we know about each other’s work, the better we’ll be able to promote it as well as answer customer’s questions!


HOLIDAY MARKET APPLICATION ——————————————————— Due Oct 1, 2019

**The Deadline for applications has now passed. If you would like to be considered for our wait list, please proceed with the application below.**

3 Step Process: 1. Carefully read the guidelines above 2. Fill out the form below 3. Upload photos via DropBox.

Name *
Membership *
Are you a member of SAA? (You must be a member to participate)
Agreement 1 *
Do you understand that membership and this application does not guarantee acceptance?
Guidelines *
Have you read the above guidelines and agree to follow them and to volunteer as required?
What kind of art do you make?
Please write a brief 3rd person bio or description of your work so that we may include it in our advertising.
Does your display have certain requirements ie. Wall, outlets, etc? (this will not effect acceptance)
Payment *
If accepted, do you agree to pay the participation fee of $175 (This amount could be more if the space we find charges rent. We will notify all accepted artists and each artist can decide to participate)