Christine Faucher

[SAA Position: Holiday Market Chairperson]


I am an outdoors person and am inspired by the beauty of nature in many aspects of my life. When I am selecting materials for a piece, I find that I am drawn toward materials that are more organic looking and colors that are found in nature.   I am also inspired by vintage pieces and enjoy incorporating old elements with a history. 

I have been making jewelry professionally for about twenty-five years. I am basically a self-taught jewelry maker in terms of my style and design; however, I have had training on the technical aspects of jewelry making.

In addition to creating new pieces of jewelry, I offer a repair service as well as the opportunity to revamp and redesign your old jewelry. I can help you figure out how to redesign beads you already own into a more interesting and updated design.

Website: www.TrilliumDesigns.Jewelry



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