Debra Pratt-Peckham

Acrylic painting

I am Debra Pratt-Peckham, an acrylics painter, who grew up in land-locked Vermont. At ten years old I saw the ocean for the first time, and I was captivated. From then on I began drawing water in every form: lakes, puddles, or melting snow.

As an undergrad I studied figure drawing, silk screening, and oil painting. MyB.A. degree was in Art, and English, with a minor in Education. I taught English while my three children were little, and my husband and I brought them to the ocean every summer. Crashing waves and giant rocks were a fascination for all of us. Toss in a full moon and we were all spellbound!

By the time I was in Grad school, I was serious about painting. I preferred texture and deep colors, which led to changing my medium from oil to acrylic. I could finally achieve the texture and three dimensional qualities I wanted.

I went on for another graduate degree, and traveled to cities in countries like Ireland, Italy, Mexico, and the Bahamas, noting differences in shore lines, islands, beaches, mountains, and rivers, and of course, people.

Somewhere along the way my focus switched completely to painting landscapes and seascapes, and even an occasional abstract.

I now live in Sudbury, not far from my daughter and her family