Fay Senner

Paint, Print Making, Collage, Encaustic, Book Arts

I am a visual Artist and Astrologer. Ever since I was young I have been drawn to the beauty and detail in the natural world, including the invisible world as depicted in imagination and dreams. I enjoy working in many mediums such as painting, print makng and book arts.When working in collage or book form I often let the process inform the outcome. I combined my artistic talent and my passion in Astrology and created a line of products centered around the12 archetypes. They are sold as12 x16 framed Giclee Prints from the original collage art that was part of a collaboration with my daughter who is also an artist. The line includes sets of Zodiac Greeting and Note Cards and an Astrological Birthday Calendar. My latest project was birthed after finding an old leather-bound book of pressed seaweed that was created by my Grandmother in the 1920's. After carefully scanning and preserving each image they were printing as an open edition of Giclee Prints on archival paper. I am very please to have these images see the light of day after having been hidden away for nearly 100 years. They are sold framed or matted in various sizes. I am currently working on a line of soft goods; decorative pillow and small tote bags using the Pressed Seaweed images and Zodiac images printed on fabric.

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