Kaffee Kang

oil painting

Artists make statements. Painters make paintings. I am simply and wholeheartedly a painter. I love the creamy texture of oil paints, fluid enough to blend into smooth transitions and stiff enough to delineate sharp edges. I love that each color I mix is unique, never the same as the last or the next. I love the suppleness of my brushes, allowing me to make the faintest line or the broadest sweep. I love the resilience of the canvas as it gently pushes back against my strokes. And I love the images that emerge, softly glowing back at me, images that are never exactly as I envisioned, but somehow always satisfying.

After retiring from a fulfilling 40-year career as a professional architect, I am dedicating my time to my passion for painting. I paint in a representational mode that is guided by a contemporary aesthetic. Currently, my work focuses on still lifes that are purposefully staged to start a conversation. Recent paintings have used carefully selected and placed objects to address themes such as, the objectification of women, gender stereotyping, and the “other” identity.”

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