Kim Bennett

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I absolutely loved the first pottery class I ever took while in college. It was a studio elective toward a degree in graphic design. Even though I couldn’t continue with classes at the time, I knew I wanted to go back to it some day. That “some day” came 20 years later after discovering adult classes at the Umbrella Arts Center in Concord. I haven’t stopped since!

I describe myself as "all over the map" in terms of what I make; I just like to try different things. You’ll never find me at the wheel all day throwing 50 identical bowls. I might make a small set of plates or bowls one week and then turn around and create a more sculptural form the next. Many of my pieces have a feel of nature to them and most have gentle, flowing lines. I’ve never considered myself a painter, in fact I avoided that studio class like the plague in college. It terrified me because of how permanent it seemed. It took experimenting with glazes to overcome that fear and I’m now dabbling with painted design. Go figure.

Some pieces are thrown on the wheel, while others are hand built. I tend to alter my work often either through manipulation of thrown pieces, adding texture, or carving. I work mostly in white stoneware and porcelain and fire to cone 6 – 10 (2200 – 2300 degrees)




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