Sholeh Regna

jewelry, sculpture, and monotypes

I work in several media. My work includes porcelain and marbled birch jewelry as well as sculpture, and monotype.

My porcelain jewelry designs are inspired by nature in all its wondrous complexity of sky, land, water, and the fire of the living Earth. It is through the process of sculpting, glazing, and firing that I attempt to instill each piece of my jewelry with my feelings about nature. My birch jewelry are marbled with acrylic paint and are reversible.

Educated at Boston University, I graduated with concentrations in biology and sculpture. In 2012 I received a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Information Technology from Harvard University Extension School. I have exhibited regionally, especially in the Northeast, as well as internationally and have received number of awards and residencies.

I have been teaching sculpture in the Boston area since 1993.




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