Susan Underwood

Lampwork Glass and Jewelry

I have dabbled in many different forms of art in my lifetime, but when I was introduced to glass and lampworking and it was love at first sight!
Glass is an expression of my thoughts and ideas- I love the colors, shapes, textures and patterns that can be formed. My love for nature and Southwest has inspired me to create these little “glass treasures” .

I was introduced to lampworking at a class taught by Lillana Cristea Glenn, and Sally Prasch in 1986. I have since studied with Kate Fowle, Jim Smircich, Nancy Tobey, Trey Cornette, JC Herrell and Andrea Guarino-Slemmons. I am currently a member of Wet Canvas, Bead Designers International, Lampwork ETC, and the Boston Chapter of International Society of Glass Beadmakers.

I love creating from the world around me, inspiration from a color combination, a flower from my garden, or an acorn that fell from a tree all inspire to create my art. You can find my artwork on the following platforms:


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