Wendy Kraus

Silk Floral Arrangements

Wendy Kraus designs silk floral arrangements. Her path to floral artistry is ironic. Wendy is a trained horticulturist with a Master’s Degree in horticulture. For years she worked as a County Extension Agent in the fields of ornamental and home horticulture advising clients in the care and culture of ornamental plants and vegetables.

Wendy has always thought of herself as a ‘scientist’ but ten years ago she discovered her artistic side as she began to experiment with silk floral arranging. Her designs are inspired by her horticultural background. She uses high quality, botanically correct materials in a range of artistic styles. Her pieces meld her understanding of how plants grow in nature with her sense of form and color. Each piece she creates is really a mini sculpture that is both true-to-life and artistically pleasing.

Most of Wendy’s designs are created for indoor use but she also creates silk arrangements for outdoor use as well. Her outdoor designs look so authentic, they have often been mistakenly watered!

Website: http://fauxfleursilks.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fauxfleursilks/

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